Write Your Own Book – Complete and Uncorrected


What if we all considered each chapter as one section of our lives?  Each chapter would contain experiences, feelings, accomplishments, failures, and insights that deal with  the family, friendships, spiritual life, love life, work, children, home life, travel… and then one final chapter that reflects on each of area we have chosen and how each has affected the others.

Something like this:

Chapter One – Reflections on 2015

Chapter Two – Marriage

Chapter Three – Friendships

Chapter Four – …

Chapter Twelve – Connections and Insights on 2016

Each could be slowly filled with poetry, experiences in story form, or filled in as news articles, letters, editorials, illustrations in pictures, drawings … Basically whatever struck us to use on any given day.

It’s just an idea. No pressure. 😀

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How to Work Out Anger Without Losing Control

When you really move it, you will lose it. I am referring to anger, frustration, and intensely sorrowful situations. Sometimes it isn’t one situation that gets us going, but a buildup of all those irritations, concerns, and worry. The temptation is to vent it on people and objects. We really, really shouldn’t be taking it out on people; however, taking it out on certain objects can be very satisfying — such as punching a heavy bag.

Putting on gloves and punching a bag is a good option, so are going for a brisk walk, running and doing dishes by hand.

boxing-glovesTake Anger Out On a Bag

I like to punch and kick. You only need to learn a few basic moves to get moving on your heavy bag. Punch it, kick it, dance around it… If you do not have a bag and gloves, you can easily find them at a sports and fitness store.

More Exercises for Working Out Anger

  • Go for the high-intensity interval walk or run.
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Turn on the music and bang your head or whatever it is that you like to do with your music
  • Do cardio, but use your free weights.
  • Do as many pushups as you can. Inhale on the down, exhale on the up.
  • Or crunches – crunches work, too.
  • Throw some baskets.
  • Kick a ball.
  • the list can go on and on…

Vent Your Anger on Household Chores

My mom was right. Doing housework can be a great tool for stress relief. Even if you hate housework, just pick a chore and don’t stop until it is done.

I have found that doing the dishes by hand forces me to calm down in order to avoid breaking things, but at the same time, the repetitive work helps me to focus on my thoughts, do my “yelling” in my brain, and consider others’ perspectives.

Scrub the tub. I don’t know anybody that enjoys scrubbing a tub or shower, but it is very physical, a great way to work through an adrenaline rush, and when you’re done, you will have a sparkling tub in which to take a relaxing bath.

Whether you exercise to get anger out or you work out anger in another way, when it comes to life’s frustrations, it is better to vent it before you try to deal with it.

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What is a niche and why should you have one?

You have probably heard about niches as they relate to internet rainbow at duskmarketing, but the true definition is much broader than that. For our purpose, a niche is that area of life in which a person thrives or is most comfortable. Some find it in a particular hobby, while others find it in a developing interest. For many, finding their niche means landing the perfect career or building a business that is about more than money. It is about following a passion and feeling fully satisfied in the path they have chosen.

Far too many of us go for years without developing a skill that interests us. We are too busy making a living or feeling pushed to please family and social circles and ignore our own instinctual voice in order to keep their unnecessary approval.

Sometimes we have difficulty finding one area because we have multiple interests and have never pursued the idea of a vocation based on simple hobbies and interests. Sometimes we end up with a list of possibilities, whether it is in our minds or diligently recorded. We do not know which one to go after because we are too busy considering getting rich when we should be considering which will sustain our need to fully enjoy our lives.

However, it should not be a surprise that thousands, maybe even tens of thousands that and go after it become more than just satisfied in both their personal and professional lives. They find their purpose. They find their niche.

 Choosing a Niche

• Ask yourself what you would choose to do if you knew that you could realize your dream career.

• Ask yourself what you spend the most time thinking about when you are busy with work or tasks around the home.

• Ask friends and family what they notice about your chosen topics of conversation and extracurricular activities. Your closest social circles can offer surprising insight.

The Online Marketing Niche

In the world of online marketing, the niche has developed into a particular area or areas of public interest and the most likely product for earning income. You can find more about developing and mastering a profitable online niche at crosswebideas.com.

There are no viable reasons your internet interests cannot be based on personal areas of curiosity and experience, and then targeted to audiences and prospective customers who feel the same way.

Ultimately, the most important aspect of finding your niche is that incredible realization of success by exploring your personal passions.