Oh Yuck – Politics

I got up this morning, made coffee, and then sat down to check my email. There were some new notifications from hubbers I follow on HubPages and I opened one up… (if you look, I’m seoit! and not Karla on there – a just in case).

I hated it. I found it completely biased and insulting. Even worse, there was a reply to it that I found even more hateful and ignorant.

My first reaction to these types of things is to go off and tell people how it really is — they are wrong and it is just plain obvious to anyone who opens their eyes. I could have expressed it. I could have gone on and on…

But I didn’t. I quickly unfollowed that particular question and stepped away to get myself together.

I don’t know about all of you fellow Americans or people in countries that do vote for their leaders, but though I hope one particular person doesn’t win the presidential seat, I am not sure who I would want in there. I can’t wait until all this is done.

I know that politics is never really done, but we all know it is even worse in an election year.

I give myself pats on the back for stepping away this morning.

What do you do when someone’s opposing side is filled with what you consider ignorance and offensive opinions? Do you immediately argue your side or do you step away? Does it get heated?

Please don’t use an “us vs them” in your replies. This isn’t about political parties! Thanks 🙂


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