UPDATE: Wow. Did I really forget what it was like to get lost in creating a story? This is an old post. In fact, it has been nearly four full years.  It’s rough, but I kinda like it. So far, anyway.

This time, I am posting something I wrote back in October. I was working from a list of prompts that would serve as practice for NanoWrimo, National Novel Writing Month. I chose to use this for the novel I would later write. I was not faithful to writing on a daily basis and I certainly did not complete the amount of words. Okay. I didn’t even come close to finishing. I didn’t even get halfway through. I did complete one accomplishment, though! I ended up with 3 chapters and that is much better than last year’s NanoWrimo, during which I wrote a page or two and then deleted it. 😀

Please keep in mind that I’m an amateur when it comes to fiction. It had been quite a while since I had written fiction. I rediscovered that I love it and I am determined to keep hacking away at it.

Three Quirks

  1. You will notice that I did not follow all of the prompts in a direct way, but I don’t regret the decision at all — at least not yet. If I have to go back and change, I’ll do just that.
  2. I am a picky person when it comes to finding a name that fits my characters’ personalities. I still have not named the main character and so he remains “Character”. Psssttt –  I wouldn’t mind some suggestions! (update – Tei. Pronounced “tee”. 
  3. I went back and forth between present and past tense – it isn’t so important as this is not the book itself. I won’t be showing that until I have completed the draft, proofread and edited, rewritten the draft, and then had someone in the know proofread and edit again.

I’m so nervous about this! I have not shown this to anyone. Here I go, anyway! slow inhale/exhale

1. Your character comes upon a fork in a road and has no idea where to go. How does he feel? Which road does he take and why? What’s at the end of the road? (250 word response)

As the moon begins her cycle, so character begins his journey
As the moon begins her cycle,  the hero begins his journey

That night,  Tei retreated to his room long before any expectation of the guests. He had allowed himself some celebration, but now he was overtaken by the meaning behind it all. Now he would choose between one of the two accepted roles available to one of his ranking.
He lay on his bed, silently cursing his so-called “above average intelligence” and “multiple talents in various warrior skills”. Because of these, his choices involved one of two paths. The one he chose would be his for the rest of his life.
He could become a coder Or he could become a defender.
One, and no combination of the other.
For once a choice was made, the chooser would sign a contract that insisted and agreed on complete devotion to one. This was how things had been done for hundreds of years and it had served their world well, but there was a restlessness growing in all of the population. Tei was especially restless.
50 days from now, he would sign his life away.
He rolls over and stands up from his bed, stretches, and begins to pack a travel bag. He will make the choice, but first he will spend 5 moons on the journey walk. He will return with the answer as required.
He tosses a rope, a dagger, a wand, a creacode device, and his prayer book into his pack. Three sets of clothing and three pair of boots went in, too. All else would be found on the road.

2. Your character is being lectured by someone in a position of authority, how do they react? (100 word response)
Tei’s father knew exactly which path his son should take and found it preposterous that he had chosen to take up the walk. Nobody bothered with the walk anymore. Nobody, that is, except those placed in a labor role or even worse, that of a political officiator. The worst of the worst, he thought. He expressed so to Tei  when he caught him going through the cold cupboard in the kitchen. The only worst character his son would encounter would be that of a legal officiator. A litigator or judiciary could be very corrupting.
Besides, coders were guaranteed a lifetime of secure home, permission for family, and leisure travel. If one had the chance of taking on the coder role, one would be crazy not to accept it.
Tei patiently listened as he picked fruits and seeds from the cupboard. He placed a few items in a bag within his bag, barely able to force the clasp to lock.
He threw his pack over his shoulder, looked his father in the eye and then encircled him in his arms.
“Father,” he said into his ear, “you have my respect and my love. I leave to discover more of myself and I will return with an answer.”
As Tei walked out the door, he knew he would visiscreen with his parents. His creacode had the power and reach. After all, he himself had designed it.

3. What does your character most love to do when he/she has free time? Why?                  (200 word response)



As he stepped down from the porch, Tei  was planning how he would handle the care of his prized moon horses. He would take Moongatherer with him, but the others would need to stay in their pasture until he returned. As he entered the barn, he turned to the right and found the creacode by the door – also coded by him – and entered instruction for his sister. He knew she would be thrilled to be alone with them and suspected she would take on the role of trainer when she reached the time of her entrance.
All three greeted him with soft mind whispers. Moongatherer knew he would journey. Skysong was eager to spend days and nights with Celara. Ladyspell was concerned with food, as usual. Celara would have to follow the recipe closely or she would find trouble with the filly.
Whispers swirled through their horns and made circles around his head. He returned their questions and offered them assurance. They should see it as a holiday.
Moongatherer scooped her saddle and bridle up with her long, light- swallowing horn. She was more than excited. She wanted to leave now.
Right now.
Tei smiled, gave the others a pat on cheeks, and saddled Moongatherer before leading her out the door. A lead rope was not necessary. She would follow. He had trained her well.
The coder/defender took some satisfaction. He had served an enjoyable purpose. Three moon horses would join and serve the realm of defense. They were gifted and they knew their place.
Goodbye was not so sad.

4. Is there anything that makes your character feel safe? Something comforting? Describe what it is and why it makes them feel safe? (100 words) 
It had been many moons since Tei had dreamed the dreams he was thrilled to remember. He had experienced nightmares that refused to leave his mind and happy slumbers were few and far between.
This night, Tei faded out as usual and then walked down a path of stones into clouds of every color. He inhaled the scent of a thousand flowers with some small surprise at how wondrously the fragrances had blended. His skin welcomed a lukewarm breeze and his spirits lifted.
“A flying dream,” he sang into the air, “my spirit is light and my heart smiles. Perhaps I will visit with my love…”
In his mind, he flew the throughout the night, gliding, diving, and suspending himself over home and country.
Here was the place of tranquility.
Here, he found his peace.

5. Describe the following things from your character’s point of view. A meadow. A crowded room. An empty room. The room where they spent their childhood. Their current house or living area. A city. A farm. (300 words)

Tei kept his eyes averted while he and Gatherer traveled down the road. He avoided looking to the side as all he would see were anisias, sun blossoms, and golden trails of the seed and chaff that made up much of his unicorns’ feed. He did not want to be reminded.
Ironically, he was suddenly reminded of his home. Most often, the large open areas were quiet, with one to three family members lingering about. The only time a room was filled was during family celebrations, graduations, weddings, and funerals. The variety of roles they always played sickened Tei. For all were playing roles and not one responded or acted as an individual.
Tei remembered the hearth. The fire was always lit and he loved to sit on the rug in front of it, either reading or studying or when left alone, coding imaginings that would upset his parents.
Before the incident, Tei’s father had played the role of architectural designer. The family home and property were beautiful. The lines and flow reminded Tei that much would stay the same.

Property of Karla Domanski  begun 10/2015. 

You may use the prompts. I would love to read the prose you come up with! 

The draft and ideas are all mine. Thanks!