I started reading Stephen King books when I was 10 years old. I stayed with my dad on the weekends and he had a copy of Rage in his car. When he realized I was reading it, his first reaction was to take it away from me. but I begged him to let me read it and promised I wouldn’t have nightmares. I have to admit to some spoiling from my father. If he could give it to me, he would rarely say no. The Rage became a “Don’t tell your mother”.

I read Stephen King before I read Judy Blume.

When I was 12,  I picked up was a Creepshow comic that was based on the movie.  My mother always seemed to take forever in any store we frequented and I would hang out in the comic book section to pass the time. When I discovered Creepshow, I was entranced. I read and read while my mother shopped.

I then decided I had to read more from Stephen King. The next was Carrie, then Cujo. I continued with Christine and over my teen years I enjoyed every copy of every King book I could get my hands on. Most of his books have been adapted for movies. I dare to say there are few in my age group who haven’t seen  the original movie.

Movies never live up to the books on which they are based. When it comes to most King movies, well,  while I enjoy the movies, I never feel they live up to the book.

In my opinion, the adaptation of The Shining was probably the worst of them all. I love Jack Nicholson and he did a fine job of playing the psycho. He lived up to the character in the movie script. However, the script did not capture the man characterized in the novel. The movie lacked what I believe were critical scenes from the book and added extensions and full scenes that were not in keeping with the spirit of the novel. I suppose this was true for most of them, but The Shining was the worst when it came to representing the novel.

If you have never read Stephen King novels.. Who hasn’t read a Stephen King novel?! For goodness’ sakes! Start reading! The Shining is a good place to start. Or Misery. Or The Shawshank Redemption….

Oh yeah. This is about The Shining! Oops.

A Small Introduction to The Shining by Stephen King

A father and son share mental problems and both get worse when dad gets seasonal work as a caretaker at a deserted, haunted hotel and the family joins him.  Wait. Is it haunted or is it all in their minds?  Find out by reading more about the novel here:

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What about you? Do you read Stephen King? Which one is your favorite?


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