Speaking of New Year’s Resolutions…

Be honest. How many of you find yourselves looking up the keys to keeping your resolutions for 2016? Are your eyes drawn to the first article you see with a title that discusses the same?

Me too. This morning, my news feed featured an article from US News and World Report whose title grabbed me and while my first thought was a sarcastic one – “What a way to motivate people. Let’s be negative and dash the hopes of the 80 percent”, I was curious to find out the why of it all. I clicked on the link and read.

First, I have to say that it followed the typical form of a well-written article. The first few paragraphs bring the reader down to a place of insecurity, then explains the why, and ultimately offers that list of how to’s all of us resolution makers crave.

I give the writer credit. This list tells it like it is and keeps it real. If you are indeed a resolution maker that fails year after year after year, this list could be just what you need to succeed in 2016. The focus is on training your mind to accept and work toward change.

From the article:

You’re not born with self-discipline; you acquire it. Like a muscle, you need to develop your self-discipline muscle, one challenge at a time. Starting today, instead of reflexively feeling a need to minimize or escape the friction involved in change, recognize instead the need to endure it. Bottom line: Don’t bail!


Why 80 percent of New Year’s Resolutions Fail



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