My State of the Union Rant

As the title says, this is a rant. That means it is not necessarily organized and I did not follow all grammar rules. I am expressing myself as the imperfect, concerned person I am. It’s long. If you get through it, I appreciate that!

The Horrible Political Issues

Is anyone else having trouble picking a candidate for which to vote? I do not go by a person’s political party when it comes to choosing. I agree with some concerns of the conservative side. Yet there are some things I cannot stand for at all. The same goes for the liberals. I guess I stand smack dab in the middle.

I really don’t get why so much time and attention is given to making laws that infringe on the freedom of citizens rather than figuring out a reason for the behavior in the first place. Both sides are guilty of this. They don’t want to work with each other and that is the biggest problem coming into play.

For example, when our current president made a decision to enact “Obamacare”, he was working off the fact that he had been pushing for the house and senate to come up with a reasonable solution and they had been dragging their feet for month after month. He was right that something had to be done. Now Obamacare has helped thousands upon thousands of citizens get lower cost healthcare, but there are many that are paying out more than they would were the choice up to them. Why? There is no lid on what insurance companies can charge and the limits for income are ridiculously small. I have a friend who has regular need for treatments and yet the rules claim that the only way she can cover these is to pay out more than half of her monthly income in order to receive them and even then she will have a co-pay. She has a daughter and she chooses to keep a roof over her head and keep food in her belly while going without the treatments that could, in fact, keep her from dying. Go figure, huh?

The laws have made it so insurance companies are making tons of money while the little people live with draining their savings and yes, going without necessities in order to make their copays.

Medical professionals are losing out, too. My own specialist revealed to me that while he makes over $100,000 a year, he pays out more in taxes, malpractice insurance and practice-related fees that make it so he brings home half of that. If you ask me, quality medical practitioners deserve their money more than insurance executives and adjusters that are there to figure out how to charge more and offer less so they can please stockholders and yes… afford extravagant collections and take yearly vacations to fancy resorts across the world without worrying that doing so will break them.

Still, I cannot help but believe that there was a way to come up with a plan that would work for all citizens while keeping big companies from exploiting the law in order to pay for their expensive cars and exotic vacations.

Both sides are too busy worrying about their side of things to give adequate attention to finding a real solution.

I don’t care about Hillary using her personal email address. The real issue there is what was being discussed in them. I see the news going on about how illegal it was to use something other than her official email. I honestly don’t care. I care that innocent people died because of what she ordered.

Trump brings up her husband’s affair to cut her down. What is his point? Is he trying to say she wasn’t enough for her husband so she couldn’t be enough for this country? Whether I support her or not has nothing to do with my disgust for such obvious personal bashing.

Oh, Trump… I see him as a hateful btrd who cares about nothing but his own power and the wealth of the richest. He doesn’t want to lead us. He wants to OWN us. he is also a spoiled little brat who throws a fit over inconsequential things. That is NOT a good sign of being a good president.

Democrats want to give away so much and take away inalienable rights that we lose the right of personal responsibility.

Conservatives want to concentrate on protecting the wealthiest while punishing those whose wages and job availability depend on the rich.


How long has this war over seas been going on? Far too long. Over and over we have heard that it is working, but over and over we have seen differently. Our soldiers are suffering. Families are being ripped apart by mental issues caused by service, and our soldiers are suffering dying for a war that, no matter what is said, cannot be won in this way.

We can’t just sit here and do nothing when countries, groups, and authorities are threatening our very lives, but it is crazy to display bigotry over a person’s race or religion.

Media Concentrates on Race

Yes. Black lives DO matter. In my opinion, ALL lives matter. When a black person is attacked by white cops, it shouldn’t matter whether the victim is black or not. What matters is that a PERSON was hurt or even killed by a member of the police force. When it comes to laws, let’s not call it a black and white issue. Let’s refuse to differentiate.

The War on  Personal Sexuality

It doesn’t matter whether or not your personal religion says it is wrong to be a homosexual. You can’t force people to be anything other than what they are and as far as I am concerned, religious beliefs are between individuals and God. Oh, I will fight for my right to practice my religion as my own personal relationship with God grows. But our own personal beliefs cannot be imposed on others, especially when “we” don’t understand homosexuality.  I can offer up more references to NOT judging others than all those that refer to (or are interpreted as such) being gay. Fact. I won’t do that here. But I will say that I know gay people who are better friends to me than straight people. Go figure. They are just PEOPLE.

On Gun Laws and Smuggling

“If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” I don’t know how people can disagree with that statement. If someone breaks into my home with the intention of hurting or killing me or my husband, a quick call to 911 won’t stop them. Since I am not trained in advanced defensive techniques and am more likely to cut myself with a knife than successfully stab the guy who is going to rape me, especially if he has a gun. I stand for my right to own a gun. Is it a guarantee? No. Is it more likely to save me than dialing 911? Unfortunately, it is.

Gun free zones are a joke. Come on, people! Will someone who is intent on killing going to see those signs and change their minds because they wouldn’t want to break a law? Get REAL.

Outlawing guns will make the smuggling issue even worse and taxpayers will be shoveling out even more money in order to keep it from happening. It also spreads the issues way too thin. Which smuggling issue will get more attention? The heroin, crack, meth, marijuana, or guns?

I did not mention marijuana because of all the things being smuggled, marijuana is NOT the area we need to worry about – at the least, not with same attention that should be given in stopping more serious drugs.

Another side point, I have seen drivers who cannot drive when they are stoned. However, I have seen those who do perfectly well behind the wheel after smoking a joint. I have never seen a drunk who is capable of driving safely.  I won’t get into the issue of violence other than to say that marijuana does not cause it. Oh, smuggling does, but we can reduce that by allowing people to grow and buy it legally.

People argue that we have to protect our teens. I argue that the best way to do that is a real concentration on values rather than a concentration on the tools people use. Give a killer a gun and wonder why he shoots people. But give a model citizen ten of them and they will not become possessed by the gun demons and start committing murder. The value of human life is going down the drain because blame is being put in the wrong places.

The State of Discipline

I recall the cop who dragged the bratty teenager out of her chair in the middle of the classroom. Mind you, I am not backing up his angry reaction or suggesting it is okay to get physical. But instead of making the issue that he should not have done what he did, why aren’t we making an issue of finding a workable alternative to that? She obviously wasn’t going to do as she was told and that cop was just as powerless as the teacher when it came to figuring it out. I would have supported it if he had called in another officer and both had physically and non-violently removed her from the chair and led her out of the classroom. Instead, this officer let his frustration turn into violence. By all means, fire him. But again, let’s come up with a REAL alternative. What are children like that learning, anyway? “I can do whatever I want to do because adults can’t do anything about it” – what an effective way to create adults with no respect for others.

Keep parents and school officials from disciplining their children and we end up with undisciplined adults. To be clear, I am not referring to beating, here.

Who should be president? Forrest Gump. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll write that in my ballot. Come on, everybody! Let’s all vote for Forrest Gump. Wouldn’t that send a message?

I’m finished ranting.





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