I’ve been playing with blog themes on both…

Update: When I wrote this post, I was using the PS2 theme. I love the way it works as far as being able to pull up and write status messages between posts, but it does not format well for my particular needs. When I went through and looked at old posts, there were some that appeared very sloppy. So, as you see, I have switched it up again. This one will stay for a while. 😉 

I’ve been playing with blog themes on both of my blogs. I had gotten out of practice when it comes to design and content and the hours I have spent trying out a variety of themes and customizations has taught me a thing or two – maybe three or four 🙂 The theme changes started with an assignment from Blogging 101. Apparently, the more we practice the more we LEARN *gasp* What a concept, huh? I love this particular theme because it is easy to post here. While it is simple, it is much more comfortable when it comes to socialization. That works for me!


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