Music is an Expression

What type or types of music to you listen to? Believe it or not, I have actually run across a few people who claim they aren’t really into music of any kind. That is hard to wrap my mind around, but instead of trying, I tend to walk away and not bother to get to know a person who is obviously shut off and boring. It doesn’t matter which kind of music you love, the very love of it is enough to show that you are passionate about something and in my opinion, you must have passion to be anything more than a walking shell.

Music not only expresses the attitudes and feelings of generations, it offers an individual window into the spirit of the individual, whether they use it to create and express or to enjoy and express.

Looking back, I wish I had stopped to listen to the lyrics and the music my son insisted on playing. My response to the stuff was that it sounded evil, the bands appeared to be nothing but dark and I not only hated the genre, I hated the posters he had all over the wall.

He was expressing pain, anger, and a pushing away of the values that were pushed on him by family and society. He wasn’t sure of which way to go or what it was he was supposed to do with the rage inside. So, he listened to his heavy metal and tuned himself off to the world.

With the exception of the genre, that is exactly what I did as a teenager and what I have done throughout my own life. I listened and still listen to nearly every type of music there is. I hate jazz. I hate dark metal. I love some classical, country, pop, and rock. My idea of hard rock is still Ozzy, Alice Cooper, AC/DC… and they joined the posters of Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston I had spread all over my own walls. I would get out my records (yes, records) or play my favorite stations at full blast until my mom would think she was going crazy and march in to make me turn it down. I didn’t want to hear her or any of my family. I didn’t want to hear anything but my music. It was not because she was a bad mother – I loved and love my mama more than anything.

I still love my 80’s and 90’s music, but I have expanded my taste to include some of the currently popular music and beautiful songs like Nocturne, The Secret Garden… I still love my Duran Duran, both the old and new, and turn up the radio when Ozzy comes on.

Duran Duran on WordPress


My son turned me on to bands like Blue October and suggested that I would love Lindsey Stirling. He was right — great picks for me! He knows his mom and not just as a mom, but as the individual I am. And now I play the songs he listens to just to make sense of what it is that is driving him, too. I love my kids (now grown adults) like crazy. I still don’t like the music, but I try to appreciate something about each group he loves and I let it reveal the attitudes and feelings he suppresses as I wait for him to open up and talk. Someday he will. I pray for it.

Speaking of music, have you ever listened to Steve Kopandy? I like to refer to him because I found him on Myspace several years ago, when he was just starting out. I loved and still love his songs and am pleased to see that he is growing in popularity in his own country. For the life of me, though, I don’t understand why he still hasn’t made it big here in the U.S. I have all of his albums on CD and I store them in playlists on YouTube. His original version of Castle has to be my favorite. That is the song that grabbed me in the first place.

Oh, Metallica and Alice in Chains. Yeah, I like them, too, though their music is nothing like Sandy Patti’s, who I love as well. I can go from one to the other in the blink of an eye. Man in the Box to We Shall Behold Him. That’s me.

Yeah, I’m weird like that. 😀  Right now I am listening to Ironic by Alanis Morissette. She resonates with me.

Whatever type of music you get into, don’t neglect to take the time to turn it on!



  1. Brilliant to hear about your very mixed range of a musical taste! I love that you try to appreciate something in bands you may not be into; that is something I think everybody should do! Thanks for sharing, it’s a great post 🙂

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