state of the union rantI had a strange episode happen to me last night. I turned my article into the strangest little story scene before I woke myself up from sleeping at the computer. By the level of soreness in my poor neck and the last time I had checked the clock, I would say I slept for half an hour or more. I recall dreaming.

I was amazed to see that what I had dreamed in my sleep was now in words right there in front of me. My assigned article was on a much more boring subject and my scene made zero sense at all. There were no revelations in it, other than the knowledge that what I experienced in my dream was translated through my fingers while I remained in my own virtual world.

I put “sleep writing” into Google and found an interesting discussion on this topic at

Just curious to know if any blog readers have had similar experiences with writing or other creative tasks. Have you experienced an epiphany or grand result from a dream action episode? Have you ever been inspired by it later?