The Decor of a Dreamer

If I were not renting and had the choice of decorating my own home, I would have one room full of color. One side would have huge windows so the sun could light it up. The wall to the left would be covered in a magnificent mural of abstract images and symbols of peace. All of the colors of the rainbow would be included and interspersed with various shades of those.

dream-decorThe wall across from my wall of art would be covered in mirrors to add the effect of being in the middle of a fairy tale world. The entrance would be a wide arch and the furniture would be big and cozy — the kind of chairs, couches, and ottomans that shout relaxation and there would be enough carpeted area between that and the windows to allow for peaceful yoga.

Although the rest of my home would be kept to neutral colors on hardwood floors, the artwork on the walls would be colorful and the furniture would not be typically modern.

Vaulted ceilings would have skylights and every room would contain small trees and plants. I would build a trellis, gloriously winding vines and ivy would make their way up, reaching for the brilliant sun at the top.

There is much more, such as the staircase, the bedrooms, my office, the bathrooms, the kitchen, and a dining area for small to large gatherings of family and friends.

… not that I have given it much thought.



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