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No Worries

relaxIt is easy to forget how quickly life can change and plans we have made are suddenly tossed aside. When these things happen, uncertainty rears its horrendous head and forces us to reassess our present and our futures.

It touched our family today and it will be harder for some more than others.

Amazingly, I am feeling at peace with all of it and am optimistic that everything is going to work out and things will be as they are supposed to be.

Is that the wisdom that comes with age or is it my Prozac?  It is probably a combination of the two. 😉


We all get there from where we are.

🙂  Peace.


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Are U.S. citizens politically lazy?

Which ones do you want to run our country?

Politicians run our country, not the people.Which vulture will we choose?

What will voting really mean for us?

I keep being told that not voting will insure that the wrong one will win.

There is no lesser of these two evils.

I won’t vote for Hillary and I certainly will not vote for Trump.  Since I have not been impressed by either party enough to sway one way or the other, I will hold to my personal convictions and I will not vote unless something miraculous happens and the GOP refuses to back this bully and chooses someone else or Hillary gets nowhere. Sanders would be the lesser of the three evils. At least to me. 😦

It isn’t our government that is going to fix this political problem, people. It’s us. The real issue seems to be in the “how”.  How can we fix something when there are too many sheep letting this happen?

A friend says her real home is in Heaven and so she won’t worry about it. My take is that we are responsible for our actions on THIS earth and shrugging it all away is not the way at all.

We’ve gotten lazy.

Just my opinion.



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Before She Came Back…

This will be my third post that relates to my daughter and son-in-law, in and then out of Guatemala. They are home, now. Ivy has a job and Jeff is thinking and working overtime to get one. I am amazed at how far he has come with his English language just in the last month! He grabs every learning opportunity he can get.

I have been encouraging Ivy to blog here on WordPress and she has begun with a piece she wrote several months ago. I had asked her if I could publish this post, and she was going to let me, but then she did it for herself and would have let me republish, but I would rather she get the views for her work :).

This post lays bare all her thoughts and feelings regarding being a stranger in a strange land and will surprise some readers to learn about life in a third world country.

There is a lot to be learned from Welcome Home We’ve Been Waiting .  I hope you enjoy!