I wonder how many bloggers here have difficulties getting social media friends and family to actually read the blog post links they share?

It is almost embarrassing how few of my friends and family pay attention and read. It doesn’t seem to matter how funny, informative, entertaining, or educational the links are, people just don’t take the time to follow and explore.

Here is a great poem! One like.

Here is an interesting human interest story! Nothing.

Check out the flash fiction here! One comment: “Does flash fiction mean short story?”

My latest blog post – see what has been going on: Nothing.

The latest findings on global warming. One Comment: “Global warming is a fake, liberal conspiracy. I don’t read that crap.”

Show them kittens, they love and share ( so do I, of course, who doesn’t love kittens?). Silly memes?Β  Loves and laughs.

Show them a story written by a tsunami survivor who went on to help thousands… nothing.

Of course I know that some are simply busy. Some are uninterested in the same topics about which I am passionate. Of course that is okay.

I will keep hoping for reads and discussions. In the meantime, here is a meme:

darth vader vs humpty dumpty

No hate. I like memes, too.

Still, there is a point to be made…