Where have all the readers gone?

I wonder how many bloggers here have difficulties getting social media friends and family to actually read the blog post links they share?

It is almost embarrassing how few of my friends and family pay attention and read. It doesn’t seem to matter how funny, informative, entertaining, or educational the links are, people just don’t take the time to follow and explore.

Here is a great poem! One like.

Here is an interesting human interest story! Nothing.

Check out the flash fiction here! One comment: “Does flash fiction mean short story?”

My latest blog post – see what has been going on: Nothing.

The latest findings on global warming. One Comment: “Global warming is a fake, liberal conspiracy. I don’t read that crap.”

Show them kittens, they love and share ( so do I, of course, who doesn’t love kittens?). Silly memes?  Loves and laughs.

Show them a story written by a tsunami survivor who went on to help thousands… nothing.

Of course I know that some are simply busy. Some are uninterested in the same topics about which I am passionate. Of course that is okay.

I will keep hoping for reads and discussions. In the meantime, here is a meme:

darth vader vs humpty dumpty

No hate. I like memes, too.

Still, there is a point to be made…





  1. Many people want to be entertained in the most easy way. They want to be cheered up as fast and simple as possible – with kittens, memes, and gifs . Probably everybody wants to be cheered up sometimes with simple things. Me, too. However, it is really sad that many people do not pay attention to REAL editorial and literary work, anymore. It is probably the authors who have to understand this situation as a mission: bringing qualified content to the readers in creative ways. This can be a great and fun challenge 🙂 Let’s do it!

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  2. Oh I feel ya honey !
    Although I’ve not been posting much the last few weeks. But before that definitely have been experiencing the exact same thing. It’s like your trying to spread a message or idea as hard as you can. And nothing lol.
    My advice is keep going. This post caught my attention I could easily relate. Your other posts might have already done the same for other people. Some people are less likely to comment etc. But you never know you might just have an impact on that one person. Ideally we all strive for a great audience. But if you hadn’t posted then no one would have had a chance to benefit 😊

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    • You make a great point about grabbing attention as well as choosing not to comment. Personally, I love to read and explore the thoughts and stories of others who take the time to write it down. But reality steps in. I have a priority list and although I would love to place going through my reader at the top of it, work and home must come first.
      So I end up getting to my reader every couple of days and then finding myself drowning in the sheer number of posts from blogs I love to read! I read more than I comment on and I miss too many. I am also grateful there are bloggers who leave their content up for years when they are not getting attention at all. I find beautiful writing and interesting ideas on blogs no one has touched since 2008 or before. I am always surprised there are no comments or shares on them because they are worth the read.

      Thanks for the input 🙂

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