Addict Bashing – Leave Our Celebrities Alone!

Why is there a push to give bad publicity to our celebrities that have died because of an addiction? Why are people so thrilled to read and watch news stories about these things and then comment about how some of our greatest talents were not role models because they were addicted to drugs?

I am so tired of Prince bashing. There are even memes that poke fun at his death! It is sickening. Whether people liked his music or not, there are so many things for which to admire him.

Whitney Houston – A fantastic singer and talented actor. Few could match her vocals and fewer could match her beauty. Her flaw? An addiction to cocaine and pills that ultimately caused her death. Does the fact that she suffered from an addiction that was very likely brought on by the pressures of pleasing the public matter at all?

Pills and a medication bottle

What about Prince?  Opiates. Does his addiction really matter as far as his talent was concerned? Shall we disrespect a person who gave us so much and then died of an addiction which, like Whitney, was likely brought on by pressure?


I admire Prince’s work. I love his music. Whitney was one of my favorite singers. And isn’t it horribly sad that her daughter left this world in much the same way?

We should be more concerned about addiction itself. We should care about those things that lead our celebrities as well as neighbors and family members to try using the drugs in the first place.

Is it really more acceptable to stand back and scoff, judge, and then go back for more bullying of the deceased?

Drug deaths are one of the saddest ways to go. The deceased addicts are unacceptable because while “we” know about it, we as a general public are not all that interested in prevention or even considering the idea that maybe, just maybe.. there is more we can do before addiction sets in and there is more we can do to support those who need a helping hand.

We have Kurt Cobain, who ended up committing suicide after failed attempts at stopping his drug use.

We have Marilyn Monroe.

We have too many to count.

And celebrities are just a few of those that are addicted or are affected by the addiction.

These are people. These are just people.

God gave them their talent. They honed their own skills. When you stop and think about it, how many of us do not utilize the gifts our Creator has given us? It isn’t easy to stay on track when you keep falling down, but there is something beautiful in those who fall and get back up over and over again, regardless of the reasons for their falls.

We could be using even those celebrities as role models. We can realize that they were as human as the rest of us and in spite of their weaknesses, they carried on for US.

Let’s concentrate on the good about people. Let’s give out credit for their virtues and leave out the crap.

People in general love a good humiliation story. It disappoints me.



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