Making a Difference

The fourth Saturday of October is National Make a Difference Day. The idea is to find something to do that benefits groups of people in one way or another. According to  Holiday, this day was first celebrated in 1990. This year, it falls on October 29th.

I am sorry to say that I had never heard of this day and I suspect that I would have remained unaware if I had not been searching for holidays and observances that are not widely known. One of our most popular humanitarians celebrates and focuses on making a difference every fourth Saturday of October. Of course, Jimmy Carter is known for jumping in and helping to build homes for those in need at any time of year, but I for one think this is a great day to join in and make a difference.

I am not certain what I will be doing on that day, but I am looking for a niche that needs to be filled and I plan to fill it.

What about you? Did you know about the National Make a Difference Day in the USA?  Do you observe it? Are you planning to participate?


Full aside:  If you are as unhappy with our choices for candidates in this year’s election as I am, why not consider voting Libertarian or Green Party? Help to send a message to our leaders. We the people are the bosses. Let’s take back our freedom to choose.  If you do not plan to vote, please put some thought into joining in and  pursuing another direction.  Just one more way to make a difference… 😉



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