The Dream

file00073407851Every single one of my dreams involves houses or some other type of building. If I am not in one, I am running desperately through the streets and across fields to get to one. The thing is, there is always water and/or piles of garbage involved. The water is usually flooding everything.


I dream every night and I don’t recall every element of my dreams, but one I had recently stands out:

I had just bought a house and I invited all of my friends and family to come to my housewarming. Everyone showed up, which meant 25 in my dream. When I greeted each person at the door, they looked at me funny and seemed uncomfortable. 

I scrambled to make sure there were enough food, drinks, and seating. 

As the evening went on, I needed to use the restroom, but when I reached my bathroom, there was garbage piled up almost to the ceiling. I had to climb over it in order to get in. When I came out, I stood in the middle of my living room and asked why people were putting garbage there. I asked how I – anyone for that matter – could get in there. A cousin answered, “There are no waste baskets”. I looked around and there were FIVE of them. Each was completely empty. 

My mom came over to me and asked me why my ceiling seemed to have green stuff growing on it. I looked up and the whole thing was covered in mold. At that point, I cried. The ceiling was the one place I had not looked. 

I hugged each person as they left and again they seemed uncomfortable. 

It was then that I realized I had forgotten to get dressed. I was completely naked. 

My Interpretation

  1. I am a solitary person. I hide in my cave much of the time. I’m not unfriendly, just a bit introverted.
  2. The garbage signified that people were piling up all their trash in my house and it kept me from getting rid of my own crap.
  3. The mold meant that the inside of my home was lined with old, useless, and potentially dangerous things.
  4. The nakedness meant that I am afraid to reveal who I am because it might make people uncomfortable.

I’m interested in knowing what objective people think about it. What would your interpretation be?

What about your dreams? Are they somewhat repetitive? Do you feel like you understand the meaning of your dreams?


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