After writing a short SEO article for a client, I sat here at my desk chatting with my cousin. bee-and-coffeeThen I went to take a swallow of my coffee and jumped back, almost tipping myself over. Crawling up and down inside my mug was a honey bee. I tried to wave him away at first, but then I realized that he would just be loose in the house and I most certainly did not want to be stung.

So, very carefully, I grabbed an envelope and hurriedly set it on top of my cup and then held it down around the top, swishing the coffee around. Keeping the envelope on, I carried it over to my sink and dumped it down the garbage disposal.

Now, I appreciate bees, but there was no way I would risk a sting.


bathroomNext? My toilet overflowed and I ended up scrubbing the floor and toilet with bleach. While doing so, I noticed that the shower could use some scrubbing.

I feel accomplished.

Cut back on caffeine – check

Write an article – check

Scrub the bathroom to the point of straining my back – check

Darn it all, I still have to go to the store.


Oh, yes. Survive without getting stung – check