I Am The Hermit

If you are like me, you envision a hermit as a man – usually an old man – who lives on his own deep in the woods. He rejects human contact. Though he often grows a garden and hunts and/or fishes, he may also steal from homes and campers when the occupiers are sleeping or are out and about. He doesn’t cut or wash his hair or long beard and is likely odorously (not a word, but it fits) revolting.

Not this hermit. This hermit lives a mostly solitary life, dresses appropriately, bathes, grooms,  and works at home to assist her hardworking husband. She enjoys social situations, but does not get her energy from other people. She goes deep inside her mind and searches for creative insight.

Many years ago, I practiced tarot reading. Some relatives and friends may be surprised at that. I did not take on clients or profit from it in any way. Still, the more I read for individual friends, the more often their present and future became known to me. It was uncanny and somewhat frightening. I stopped reading the cards and now pray and meditate for guidance.

hermitBut this is one card that still stands out. It is the card I drew as my personal card. I drew it over and over until it was stuck in my mind. I have always been the hermit. I have always drawn my energy from within rather than without, except for a few occasions during which I found myself in situations I had brought on in the mistaken idea that other people and other things were the key to living a fulfilling life.

My mother recounts that as a baby, I would scream and cry until I was placed in my crib and left alone. Then, I settled down and laid there – not sleeping – but babbling and looking around. As I grew, I enjoyed spending time with others, but was just as happy alone in my room, playing with dolls, and reading.

As a teen, I spent the majority of my time at home in my bedroom, music turned up, doing homework, reading, writing, and kicking out all who dared to intrude. I loved to take long walks in the field and woods.  I still enjoyed time with my friends and family.

Though I have grown up and am now in my forties, I am still the hermit.

I still find it interesting that this Rider-Waite tarot card is numbered with a 9 and that is also my number as calculated in the numerology of my name as well as my zodiac sign of Pisces.

I find it interesting, but I don’t live my life according to tarot, the zodiac, or numerology. No matter that each symbol fits my personality.

I’m just a hermit.

I live inside my heart and head.





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