Swallowing the Truth

Before Alice got to Wonderland, she had to fall.

I have not been able to find the author. I had read the quote before and was able to understand the concept, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I found a real understanding.

My baby holding her baby

In this case, I found the quote on House of Rogue.

I was thinking about my mother and searching for some comfort.

Mama is the strongest person I know  because of her faith and determination.

I have known that she is getting older and experiencing more health problems for a while. It has been weighing on my mind much more recently. The problems are progressing faster and  will not stop — not even for a short while ever again. Yesterday I was hit in the face with that cold, hard truth.

I will be 46 years old in just over a month, but in my heart and soul, she is still my mama and I am still a baby.

Her Wonderland is Heaven. I’m still falling.


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