Adressing the Simple

Yesterday I was challenged with a task I had not performed in over two years.

I wrote a letter on a piece of paper and I sent it through the postal mail.

First, I had to concentrate to write neatly, as I had not done so in a long while. The most I have been penning out on paper are my signature and quick notes, such as phone numbers and reminders. I believe I used to have much nicer penmanship, but after a draft or two, my letter looked okay.

Second, I had to address the envelope. Honestly, this was fairly easy. I just had to remember if there was an east or west to the recipient’s road. Thank you, Google. 😉

Third, I needed stamps. My husband gave me the Forever Stamps. I couldn’t remember if I needed one or two.
One. I needed one.

And fourth… drop it in the mailbox.

I did it! I really did it! Yay, me! kkwhitmore Oh, come on. We GenXer’s have all found ourselves in this type of situation at one time or another.

Revelation! Embracing the new doesn’t always have to mean leaving the old behind.

Hmm. I’m off to write a few letters.



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