What does happiness mean to you?

pexels-photo-777155.jpegI am going through another one of those self-help workshops and my next assigned exercise is to answer the question of what happiness means to me. It might seem simple at first glance, but let me tell you about myself: I can complicate anything…

My first inclination was to write the basic list I am sure many others have written. It goes something like this:

Special Interests ( those activities we consider interesting and\or enjoyable).

Guess what? I realized that none of those things could MAKE me happy. It isn’t family that makes one happy. It is the love of family that adds to your happiness. Love for a house, car, or the most common desire for money… Even those are about security.

Happiness is security.

Riding that Harley, skiing, skydiving, sailing, and other things that float your boat give rise to Joy. Pure joy is that feeling of freedom. Joy tells you that all is right in the world, at least at the present moment.
Some songs give me joy.
My children’s security and joy gives me joy.
That Harley thing…. sigh
The companionship of a dog gives me joy.
And security again. Security gives me joy.
Both bring on happiness.

But come on. It is NOT that easy.

And do we really have to smile to be a happy person? Nobody is happy all of the time. But we can still have security — the knowledge that everything will be okay.

I am rambling on. I am supposed to be writing an answer to what happiness means to me.

I guess I am not finished yet. No worries. If you think about it, there are worse things than spending time considering happiness. 😀

I would love to read your opinion on happiness! Feel free to comment.



  1. The most hilarious happiness in the world, in my eyes, is SATISFACTION!.
    If our mind is satisfied with whatever it has, undoubtedly we are the most happiest person in the world. There are a lot of definitions in the world of happiness. A happiness is a thing, which is different for everyone. Every eye have a different point of view about happiness. It depends!!…
    Furthermore, happiness is a virtue. And very few people own this in the world. To live all the time happy is such an amazing talent!
    We can extend this topic to the depths of the universe, but couldn’t find its end. Rather doing this, simply we should…

    BE HAPPY! 😀


  2. I feel happiness is what you feel when do what you enjoy. Or maybe it is specific to each person. I feel happy when I feel safe and secure and can be present and live in the moment. I am happy when I am at peace. I am at peace when I feel safe and secure. And I feel safe and secure when my and my family’s basic needs are taken care of. That is when I can be present and live in the moment and enjoy life; and that is what makes me happy.


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