It’s Getting Real

She said it like she was talking about a sprain or a sore throat. She tried to make it sound like Stage 3 is nothing more than fighting off a stubborn, but perfectly curable virus or wrapping an ankle and staying off her feet.

Everybody talks like all we need to do is have faith and everything will be fine. Yes. Let’s have faith.

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What is the tipping point between faith and denial? 

I did not know what to say to her.  My mind could not wrap around it. My heart screamed and cried.

I asked her how she was handling the news.

“It’s all so suddenly real.”

It really did seem less real before we knew the stage.

But what is it now?

The “real” is happening to all of us.


This is her cancer. Her life. Her body.

It is possible to beat this. We all know that.

Her hair will probably go and that is a huge shame. She has beautiful, red hair.

It started a while ago, but it is just now getting started.


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