What I’m Trying to Say

It seems to me that political discussions are becoming less and less discussion and more and more of a circus. Is this my imagination? Has it always been this bad? It is downright scary. What is even more scary is that this ineffective way of communicating and getting things done may be influencing other areas of life and society.

I always thought that a discussion meant two or more opinions were given with each side taking a turn. When words are confusing, one side can ask a question to clarify the statement and then let the first speaker finish talking. After this, another side touches on what the first speaker said and presents their own point of view. Each person is supposed to make an attempt to see things from the other perspective. Agreement is not always possible, but some objectivity and decorum should be possible.

Instead, I turn on the television to see one political side going after the other, twisting words, grabbing on to meaningless phrasing, insulting each other and getting absolutely nowhere. I suspect that is exactly what is going on at the top. Is it any wonder nothing is being accomplished?

Oh, I am capable of ranting about our president and issues going on right now. I can go off as much as anyone. BUT, I am not a leader. I have not been elected to work with others to guide and protect the United States of America.

I am in no way a genius and I am in no way qualified to be a politician.

Wait. Neither is he… you know… him. That guy who wears ignorance like a badge and insists on getting his way because he wants it that way. That guy.

I am all over the place, here. My thoughts are scrambled and I am drifting from here to there, but I suspect you know what I am trying to say.



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