“He doesn’t like to paint — he needs to paint,” says Beth Stebbins, who teaches art at Cadillac Area Schools. 

matt hicks abstract expressionism
Photo from Cadillac News

 This is Matt Hicks, a young man who just graduated from Cadillac High School. Today he made the front page of the Cadillac News with the headline,Paintings by recent CAPS graduate drawing attention of art community”

. He describes his painting as abstract expressionism and that is what his art does – it expresses! Matt puts his feelings into every painting. In fact, every painting illustrates the way he is feeling at that moment – and isn’t that how true art should be?  This one hangs in the hall that connects the junior high and high schools in Cadillac. What an awesome inspiration for other aspiring art students and those just discovering the value of creating and/or collecting art. 

It’s always fun to brag about local talent. I do not know him personally, but can’t help feeling some regional pride. 🙂

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