For the last few weeks I have been lost in a sea of reading and writing. In all honesty, I’ve been reading much more than writing for the last couple of days. I’ve been eating up everything – politics, world news, culture, lifestyle, and when I need a break, some of the best fantasy fiction I’ve ever had the fortune to read.

Aside from the fantasy fiction, I’ve been particularly struck by the anger and hatred going on in our world, but am more closely pained by what is going on in my own country.  When it comes to politics, religion, and culture, our nation is one big mess. Let me clarify: Culturally speaking, it is politics that is causing the mess. It is also politics that strikes at my heart, causing anger, hatred, fear, and tears.

I don’t belong to any particular group of people.  I do not identify in any extreme.  Why not?

The absence of love.  In all of the conflict in religion and politics, there is a complete absence of love. THAT is why our nation is suffering. When love is employed, new avenues open up and there truly are answers to everything.  We get nowhere when we respond in hatred, whether defensive or not.  We just fight. And fight. And fight. The battle is never won.

Love doesn’t belong to any one belief system. It belongs to all of us. It is that one thing that can bring us together, but it can’t do that if we are not seeing love as it really is:

Love IS a verb. 

When we don’t make it our “go-to” action,  our actions are either useless or harmful. If there is no love involved, there is no value.

I can’t fix this nation or this world any more than you can. But I can strive every day to act with love.  So can you.  Let’s spread it like a disease. Let’s feel it and express it until it touches every soul around us.  And let’s keep reminding each other that it truly is the greatest virtue we can have.  I know I will need some reminding.  I’m only human, after all – capable of every feeling there is and just as capable of faltering.  Also – capable of love.

love is kind