What is freewriting and how does it help you write?

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I’m going to answer this question while I am freewriting. Freewriting is simply writing without thinking of the next sentence or trying to analyze what you are putting down.

Punctuation and grammar do not matter when you are freewriting.

Just start writing and keep going whether you go off on how you need to get this or that done or where is my husband his errand is taking forever or what is going on with my sister right now… I really wish my daughter would call more often and I am stuck with the short story I’m working on I mean, how can I connect these two people together when I am running them in two different directions? I need coffee but I am supposed to be free writing so I will wait for the coffee. I am glad I have a window in front of my desk because it is nice to see the sun but it isn’t shining today. I hate this time of year. I guess I don’t hate it completely because I do get to see my family more often I just wish the weather were nicer. I am so affected by weather. Wait. So are both of the characters in my story. Maybe that is one thing that can help to connect them hmmmm I think I’ll highlight that part. Speaking of, they also love to take walks. Maybe they can meet up by taking a walk at the same time and getting caught in the rain… And so on and so forth.

How To Freewrite

Regardless of how nonsensical freewriting can feel, you can glean ideas from it. For example, I referred to a short story I AM working on and I did come up with an idea while writing all this nonsense. Yes one can do that while they are just thinking but writing it down helps it stick. At least that it what it does for me.

How Freewriting Helps

In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron recommends freewriting every day. She insists that forcing yourself to freewrite for three full pages in the morning can help with any type of creative endeavor. It can actually be very therapeutic. I have a difficult time getting through three pages, but I don’t think that is the important thing, anyway. Freewrite until you feel you can concentrate on the writing task you need to get done. There it is, folks. This was probably the easiest post I’ve ever written. My husband brought me salad. I love chef salad. I have to go.