Getting Started With Creative Writing

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Writers write!
Writers write!

Creative Writing: Simple Ways To Get Started

  1. Write down story ideas and titles, character names and descriptions, snippets of dialogue that come to you… You can buy a cheap notebook just about anywhere.
  2. Read! Read books, flash fiction, short stories, poetry… Try reading outside of your comfort zone. When you find an author whose style you particularly like, read all their published works. Read fiction of every genre.
  3. After you read a good story, whether it is a book or a short story, reread it and make an outline of the story and put in the details: Intro, backstory (if applicable), plot, characters and descriptions – include sentences and paragraphs that describe the characters looks and personality. What part does each play in the plot of the story? Which ones did you like the most and why?
  4. Grow your vocabulary. When you come upon a word that you have never read before or just aren’t sure what it means, look it up and then practice including that word in your writing — where it fits, of course.
  5. Freewrite every day, regardless of whether you plan to sit down and write fiction.
  6. Read books about writing and creativity. My personal favorites are Stephen King’s On Writing and Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way. You can find these in paper and digital format on Amazon.
  7. Read blogs and watch YouTube videos about writing. You can glean a lot from these.
  8. Find someone to read your stories and tell you what they like and don’t like. Don’t take anything personally. Reread the story after you listen to their opinion and decide what you need to change.
  9. Start your own blog. You can blog for free at WordPress or Blogger. Write on your blog as often as you can. Write down some stories and/or poetry. Express any issues you have encountered with writing and express personal successes as well.
  10. If you find yourself stuck on a story, let it be. Try some freewriting. Take a walk. Go to sleep thinking about what you have written and where it could go from there. You don’t have to get up and write it down, but if you keep a pen and paper by your bed, it certainly won’t hurt.
  11. Take a creative writing course online. There are dozens out there and a few of them are free. Many are low-cost and worth much more than you will pay.
  12. Remember: Writers must write. Creators must create.

If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting the rest of our lives.

Lemony Snicket