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One great thing about being online is the multitude of writing contests that are available. Some are exclusive to one country, but many are international. No matter where you live, there are short story contests just waiting for your entry! My first short stories were for school competitions. I then published a story for the Free Methodist Youth Sunday School Paper, “In Touch”. Still, my first and most important teacher was Writer’s Digest. When I was 16, my mother purchased a short story writing course for me through postal mail (yes, showing my age a bit…). They put me through the paces and I enjoyed every minute of it. In the end, I received a certificate and the knowledge I needed to win competitions in school and get published at an early age. I’ll revisit writing courses in another post, but for now, writing contests are the theme and here are four competitions worth exploring.

The Drapers Guild Perpetual Short Story Contest 

A prompt is announced and when the Drapers Guild has received 15 entries, the competition closes until a winner is announced, and then a new contest begins. You can enter as many stories as you like, but there is an entry fee of $15 for each submission. First prize is $100.  

Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition

Writer’s Digest hosts several writing contests every year.  Right now, they are holding their annual writing competition which encompasses a wide variety of styles and genres.  Whether you are a novelist, short story writer, poet, romance or fantasy writer, you will find a contest that fits your style. Writers Digest awards thousands every year to aspiring writers. There are cash awards for runner-ups as well. WD does charge an entry fee for every submission. 

Dream Quest One

Dream Quest One is currently running a competition for poets and short story writers.  The top prize for poetry is $250 and the grand prize for short story writing is $500. The entry fees are $5 for poetry and $10 for short stories. The deadline is August 15, 2020. 


This is one of my favorite websites for writers.  Reedsy holds a weekly short story competition based on the writer’s choice from a handful of prompts. The catch? You have one week from the prompt announcement to submit your short story, but you can win $50, enter as many contests as you like, and there are no entry fees involved.