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My favorite resources for research, citations, and publishers


Yes, you read that right. While you can find a lot of information by looking at various websites online, you can’t beat encyclopedias for finding well-cited and researched information on just about anything your heart desires. Besides, encyclopedias are not only for finding information. You can find inspiration just by looking through them. The days of updated encyclopedia sets are gone, but even the old prints are meaningful for thinkers. For something more current, you will find there are many knowledgeable books from which to choose and all are handy for brushing up on such things as culture, history, science, wildlife and more. 

Research for fiction or non-fiction:

  • National Geographic Magazine – Explore culture, physical geography, space and people.
  • Anthropology Textbooks – Develop an understanding of culture and people
  • How To… – You can find How To articles, books, and videos on just about everything. These are great background for description and implementation. YouTube!
  • Newspapers and magazines – Online and offline. Know what is going on before you tell others about it. Political fiction and non-fiction, science breakthroughs, epidemics… Think Time, Newsweek, and newspapers from all over.
  • Parlia.Com – This one was suggested to me in comments. I checked it out and joined. Here you can explore opinions on all subjects from all over the world.

Apps and Software for Writers

Easy Bib offers an application for citing and creating bibliographies in MLA and APA. The application can also scan for grammar errors, missing citations, and plagiarism. Free use is limited to small grammar checks and MLA citation, but if you need the software, it is worth the $9.95 a month.

Google Keep – So easy! Use your Google account to access your research work from anywhere and across devices. Following is a screen shot of a Notes page in my Google Keep:

Fireshot capture of Google Keep Page

Fireshot – Capture entire pages easily with this free software.

Office software – Google’s suite or Microsoft Office and a plain old text program like Notepad. You don’t need the fancy stuff. Really.

Google search and the most recent Writer’s Market.

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