Creative Prompts For Creative Minds

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The truth is that most ideas are not entirely original. However, there are original ways to express ideas, and in the world of art and writing, the possibilities are endless. During this time of shut down over COVID-19, one can imagine that writers and artists are happily creating, but if you are not one of those whose mind is in a free flow, a few writing prompts could be all you need to get you started and keep your creative juices flowing.

When I started this blog post, I was focused on getting down some prompts for writers. Then it occurred to me: Any prompt that can be used for writing can be used for other forms of art as well! So whether you are a writer or an artist of another sort, these prompts are for you:

  1. Check out the movies – Rather than choose a movie to stream, choose words from three movie titles and create a short story, poem, song, painting, sketch, or photo collage based on those words.
Partial movie list from Vudu
Find ideas on your movie menu

2. Rip it from the headlines – But change it up. Create around headlines presented by local, national, and world news. You can find the top headlines for past years at 🙂

Headlines from 1999 - screenshot from Info Please
Find a story in the stories

3. Explore your feelings – Everybody has a word, a sight, a sound, a scent or touch that evokes strong feelings, whether it is disgust, anger, sadness, love, or amusement. Choose one of yours and illustrate those feelings in words or pictures — without using the word or naming the object. I hate the sound of dirt-covered hands being rubbed together. Shovels hitting rocks disturb me. When people scream at the top of their lungs for no reason other than attention, I sort of feel like punching them. I don’t like to see anything gross – like remains or puke… When I smell a certain scent, I think of specific people… A friend of mine cringes at the word, “moist”…

Dig Deeper

4. Explore with one sense at a time. Close your eyes and listen or think of a sound. Create around that. Create around taste. Describe something you see in detail. Right now, I smell bacon. When I run my fingers over the bench I am sitting on, I can feel cracked and chipped paint — and wait — maybe bird poo… Things can be pleasant or otherwise. You can take it in any direction. What might it feel/look/taste/smell/sound like to a child? A dragonfly?

Explore your senses and explore the senses of those around you.