What I Learned Today 1

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What I Learned From Streaming

Watched Hoarders, Season 1 – Episode 1

I learned that while I am not a hoarder, I do have way too many uncompleted projects around me.
My “messy” is in paperwork and mail.
The unorganized space killers include: an antique dresser to finish, an armoire to redesign, sliding cabinet doors to use as art canvases, and this very desk to fix up and repaint.

Watched The Price Is Right
If all of the contestants were me, I’d win at least half of the time.
I love to watch people win.

What I Learned From Reading:

Finished “The Atlantis Gene”
Twist up a little science, throw in a pouch of legend and immerse the heroes in a smorgasbord of action… and voila – a book that would be perfect for a movie.
I did some checking and I am right. It was made into a movie.
Ironically, I am not sure I want to watch it. Movies are never as good as the books.
There are two more books in the series, anyway.
I love Kindle Unlimited!

What I Learned From A Bit Of Spring Cleaning:

Rearranged the living room
This arrangement makes it much more spacey out here.
My unfinished projects really must be finished, soon!
Moving things leads to dusting things and cleaning floors.
Small accomplishments can make a big difference.