Short Story Contests – August

Are you a short story writer or have you been thinking about trying your hand at this fun and fulfilling genre? It is all well and good to send in stories to publishers and I recommend it, but there are other ways of making money with short stories. Following are a few great writing contests for beginners and experts alike:

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Reedsy has a weekly short story contest. It is based on prompts, costs $5 to enter and has a top prize of $250. Second place winners are awarded $50 and all submissions are published.

Reedsy is a fantastic platform for writers as it not only gives you a place to display your work, you can seek advice and help from editors and fellow writers, take self-paced writing courses through email, read the work of writers of poems, flash fiction, and of course, short stories. Subscribe to Reedsy and check out the Reedsy contest guidelines!

SaveAs Writers’ International Writing Competition 2022

Based in Canterbury, U.K., this competition is for everyone around the world. This year’s challenge is to write a story based on myth or AS a myth. The contest ends on October 31, 2022. Check out the terms and details.

The Barthelme Prize For Short Prose

This contest includes poetry, short fiction, and short essays. 500 WORDS short! You can win as much as $1,000 dollars. Honorable mentions are given $250 and are published in the Gulf Coast Journal. Hurry, as the deadline for entries is August 31st. Try for the Barthelme Prize

Gemini Magazine Flash Fiction Contest

The deadline is August 31st. The top prize is $1,000 and publication in the October issue of Gemini Magazine. This is just one of the contests they hold throughout the year on an annual basis, so be sure to check out the other’s while you are visiting the website. Gemini’s Flash Fiction Contest


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  1. In my teen period I used to write and go to some poetry and novel contest but now I’m tired to go. I write on Wattpad, in my italian language now. Some time ago I wrote in English but there’s no much interest in novels that have no love story.


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