Classic Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Classic was "Coca-Cola" or "Coke" up until the 1980's when the bottling company made their worst faux paux by changing the formula and introducing it as the New  Coke. When the formula was not an immediate hit ( it didn't taste good), they tried selling "Coca-Cola Classic" along with their new version. The sales of … Continue reading Classic Coca-Cola


Adressing the Simple

Yesterday I was challenged with a task I had not performed in over two years. I wrote a letter on a piece of paper and I sent it through the postal mail. First, I had to concentrate to write neatly, as I had not done so in a long while. The most I have been … Continue reading Adressing the Simple

GOP Health Plan Collapses, Trump Acts Like Baby Man

She says it like it is.

The Curvy Girls

Last night I prayed for our country and asked God not to allow the orange baby-man to strip 24 million Americans of health care. Today, He answered my prayers, and I’m pretty sure millions of American prayers. Trump and the Republicans introduced a bill, The American Healthcare Act, that was immoral, and would have catastrophic consequences to the poor, the middle class, and senior citizens. I think we all know someone who has costly health issues. We have individuals struggling with cancer, and cancer survivors who are living with the aftermath of chemotherapy and surgeries. No matter the cost to American lives, the orange baby man wanted to push through with this catastrophic healthcare bill and not because it would benefit Americans, but to make him look like he’s fulfilling campaign promises. Well, governing is totally different from running a campaign Mr. Orange President. You have to make decisions…

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